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Motivation & Support / 30 Day Squat Challenge

Hey fam, I wanted an extra challenge this month so I decided to give this 30 day squat challenge a go in addition to my normal workout routine. This is the first "30 day challenge" that I'm attempting ...hopefully the knees and back hold up, lol.

I uploaded a pic of the squat challenge on my profile and created a 10 second timer for logging purposes only. Feel free to join me if you like :-)

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Mine is disappearing. Plus's been since April. Hate squats. :P
Thank you and best of luck to you too! I'm mostly doing it for the conditioning because I've been getting winded doing squats and lunges on my normal leg day, lol.
Wishing you luck Christian! I've got my own squatting challenge. Those butts will not be prepared for the August pain. Attackkkkkkkk!lol
Hoping so (: I found a bunch of different ideas for workouts on Pinterest
Thx Amber and good luck to u2. Yours sounds like a super intense and great full body challenge!
Good luck! I've started my own as well but mine is squats, planks, pushups and crunches..

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