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Damn.Notification off.I just saw ur comment.Well i will reply and reply here untill you will understand what you are doing here and whats your purpose.This app is everything.But fuck that.Even if it wasn't....You should talk and say such things for someone who is carrying such pain?You don't respect nothing.You can't feel me.You can't understand me.You are an absolute piece of rubbish for me.Cause you show me who you really are.And what's your personallity.I can judge you.Cause i saw with my own eyes who you are via your words.I would never do such damage to someone who would have suffer like this.As i said before.Stars are visible only in darkness.If you never was awake the night you would never see the stars.But it seems you are absolute unconsious to understand even the 1/500 things that i said.Understand it.And dont mess with everyone in your way for any reason.You dont know what kind of life they have and what kind of experiences they have.If you was never in the dark...You will never appreciate,love and just LOVE the light.But the one who never lived in the light and he was living for a life in the darkness will love and feel the most powerful feeling of his life.Cause he never saw light before.But dont judge nobody cause everyone have a different life from each other.If you will shut up it means that you started to be consious and mature to understand so many things that you i could remove my hat in front of you.If you continue replying on this to pretend the brave or the smart or the girl that thinks its someone you my answer will always be this.You suck.You will never be a girl with wisdom.Cause your words are just rubish.And cause you never cared real about someone who really needed serious help.And the reason that you dont care?Its all above.Read it many times till you your brain will evolute and rank up to make you understand what you have done.
I could argue with you the whole night but i have to get sleep cuz tommorow is leg day, but before that i will be checking the app for useful information about healthy lifestyle maybe some workouts since this is an fitness app and not a "help me i have problems i need a girl cuz lonly"-app. Peace n goodnight
First of all you should't reply on this topic then.But it seems you love being in everything and talk about.I am not comment more.Cause this kind of immature words are words of the air for me.Uselss with no sense and just rubbish.I am telling you again.You don't know who i am.And i know you dont care.When you feel that your whole future and every single day will be more shit than the last you have nothing.No future.No life.No beliefs.No courage.No faith.You give up on everything and even on your precious life.You never felt like me.And you maybe never do.But at least respect and dont say crap words.Don't judge nobody.You dont know what kind of battle they are fighting.If you will never be in my situation you will never feel and understand me.And how much discussing and talking about your problems is.I look both better and worse people than me.But i try to have positive beliefs.Cause with a negative mind you will never have a positive life.And remember.Stars are visible only in darkness.
Im not judging or anything. But based on what i read the only thing that came on my mind was "how can someone post something like this here" Ur like uhm 16 right? You have your whole life ahead of you.. thats why im saying you should THINK.. i dont care who you are and what you do but remember someone is always doing worse than you lol #peace
You dont know me so dont underestimate and judge me.Cause you know nothing about my life and about the who i am girl
U have problems with yourself. How will you handle life when real problems come..... I mean.. think lol..
If you was really willing to help you would have helped.Now you just threw some fresh words to show me your beliefs.I dont take anything as something good from you.But anyway thankz for your comment.Appreciated
But seriously this isn't really a place to post such things. Its more of a workout app you know... U gunna be allright keep just working out#peace
Only Rich piana would know the answer....
Then why i feel the same while i lost almost 14 KG,toned up and while i changed my whole appearance?...
Didnt mean it that way.... gains heal ur soul ukno make u feel better ^^
I dont think so.And i dont want her to love me cause of my body...Cause of ME! 

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