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Weight Loss / Lose belly fat?

Maybe you already have ab mucles but the fat is like lying on top of the muscle. Do you know what I mean? If that is the case you should try to train the whole body and do cardio as well. That's the thing which helped me (at least a little) 😄

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Yeah but I guess that's normal. It is way easier to gain weight and fat than loosing it. Sigh...
I have done it all... I usually focus on belly since most of my body is OK, like legs and arms but the belly... It sucks. I try everything from pull ups, to hiit training and boxing and running :/ it works but takes muuuuch time, and the progress is little.
I personally prefer full body workouts and HIITs.
Yup... Thanks ;), any workout suggestions?
Yeah exactly. Good luck with your journey.
That's exactly what happens. When I touch my belly I feel the trained abs (I have like 1 inch of fat on top of it)... I will try, I wanted the abs to pop within a month, I think its possible, just train train train...

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