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Motivation & Support / Get in Shape 2017. For sure.

So I started working out this year with my mind convinced that I will get into the shape I have been dreaming about. No excuses. I created the HIIT Fat Burner and Cardio HIIT Blaster. I've been doing them all this week. I actually started the workouts at the gym last week. I measured myself in the beginning and I was bust 42, waist 34, hips 43 and thigh 22.5. I currently fit in a size 16. I'm trying to get into the best shape of my life. I'm thinking like a size 8 or 10. Now. I am a big girl. I'm 5'7. And oh, I weigh 257lbs. I would love to see who can join me in this journey. I would love for us to post stats and pics of our progress every week. Let's say every Sunday we could post our stats. I know I am eager and I can see myself doing this. I'm not stopping. This is a lifestyle change. I want to perfect myself every day. Everyday is a step closer to my goal. I can feel the burn. We can also do challenges. We can also post what we eat or recipes. We can support one another to change and perfect our bodies and lifestyles. So who's with me? Who wants to challange and change their bodies and lifestyles forever?

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hey Mam b. thank you for sharing. well youve pretty much kept all of your weightloss off. thats good. keep at it.
yeah sure so far I started this journey with a weight of 238. My lowest was 226 and I am now at 231lbs i have not measured myself yet.
Hi Mam B. Well tomorrow is stats day. So ill post my weight and measurements then. i invite you too to let us know your stats. it wont matter how much youve lost or even gained. We are here to support one another. i hope you do share with us.
How much do you weight at this point?
thank you guys for all the likes.
thank you guys for all the likes.
Hi Katherine. We have the same high and the last time I weight myself I was around 242 lbs. I never tried again. I have been on and off of the fitness. And I want to encourage you. For the time been I am not sure if I am ready or not.

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