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Welcome Wagon / Breakfast and lunch?

I didn't eat breakfast or lunch .-. 😳

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You do need food so yr body can function correctly, as u get older due to not eating correctly thats when the problems begin, health issues etc So it is good to eat, healthy eating defo a bonus :0)
Channi, it seems like you have an eating disorder. I eat 3 meals and like 4 snacks in between and I have a very fit body! It's all about fueling your body! :)
Ok Idk how to help you
I don't feel any pain of it .-. And if im eating I get a bad conscience and then I think im to fat, i want too go down at least too 50 kg
You won't be eating more...eating less will just hurt you
Haha, i don't wanna eat more, but less.
But its balanced and it will keep from feelin like you over did it and keep u from wanting to eat more
That's alot of food D:
Eat 4 small meals a day and 3 snacks in for breakfast I had protein shake...lunch ill have a salad then 3 hours later ill have a banana...then ill have my dinner which consists of grilled porkchops and veggies...then a snack 3 hours after that
My mom always ask me why I eat so little this time, iI just answer i don't know why
That's why you plan ahead...limit yourself...
Its not so easy too eat, if i eat too much it feels like I have to throw up :I
Then u gotta eat a balanced diet
I don't wanna be fat...
Ya but then your body goes into starvation mode which stores fat
I never eat lunch, and i didn't have time for breakfast .-.

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