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Welcome Wagon / Created New Workouts!

didnt do the plank one yet.  today i will.. in fact ill do it right now... the other one was a nice little add on to a killer bi and tri day!! :)

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Ouch. Well I hope it gets better soon. Yeah they are definetly hard on the shoulders. In the past week and a half o haven't done any arm workouts except for planks and Cut and Chiseled workout, my shoulders back and triceps are leaner but more toned. Love it! Keep up the good work!
thats good!! planks are tougj on me.. i have a shoulder injury from baseball im still trying to heal and physical therapy back to shape.. but they are great for you
Happy you liked it. I'm addicted to planks. I do them every day. Here soon I'm going to make an intense crazy intense. It will feel amazing!
that was really good!! great to wake up to
haha love the creativity!!
This is for the "Plank" hearted. Lol I know, lame but I was completely stumped on a catchy name for it.
whats it called again
You better do it! I'm holding you to it ;) glad you liked the ab workout. I was suppose to create the new one but I fell asleep..oops! Have fin with the.planks!

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