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Motivation & Support / Do you drink away your results?

Okay so im a personal trainer an went out friday night(didnt drink) an ran into 3 of my clients drinking heavy! Against my advice! So how many of you train hard during the week too drink away your results?

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Well said lisa, an it's very disturbing to see them throw away all there hard work and money!
Yes if you do to many!
What if only take shots? Will that undo everything I just worked hard for?
Very rarely. If you are truly into fitness you are careful what you do on the weekends. If I go out a glass of wine is definitely allowed or even one apple martini. When you train hard 6 days a week and eat healthy I allow myself something I enjoy. Especially if I have earned it. It must be disturbing to see your clients out undoing everything you are trying to do for them. Disturbing!!! Walking into the gym today the guy in front of my tossed his Mc Donald's lunch bag. Lol! But the worst is seeing someone smoking in the car while trying to park at the gym. Really!!??
That's awesome scott
I drink daily!!!!
I've stopped drinking for the month of January for charity but the added bonus is the weight that is vanishing from my waist... Looks like I won't be drinking anymore : )
Yeah Rod, if you cut out the beer that last 10 pounds would probably melt off
I used to drink nearly 3 to 4 pack of lite beer as a post workout warm down!! Never could lose those last 10 lbs because of the xtra 600 cals!
Mm I see. Thank you for the advice sir. :) I'll definitely keep that in mind for future reference.
Drinking beer is just bad if your trying to lose weight or build muscle, if your gonna drink anything make it clear whisky!
Is it still as bad if you plan your meals for the day with the sugar and calories of drinking at night in mind? Or does the alcohol itself sabotage your work?

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