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Welcome Wagon / 5:2 :)

So today was my first day on the 5:2 and I feel great!!! It just so happened to be my "fasting" day and though I thought it was going to be hard, it was actually soo easy! I felt energized all day long and had an.amazing workout :) y'all should definitely check it out!! Keep up the.good work everyone!

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She is only 3 months and I don't breastfeed BC I have to medicine for my epilepsia... I have about 13 pounds I want to lose
How old is your baby?? I nursed my kids until they were a yr each so the weight melted right off except for like the last ten lbs. Technically I still have to lose 7 from my daughter BUT I'm more tone now and I look better. And don't worry, once your baby starts moving around and you are constantly chasing he/she, it will come off :)
I think I will thank you.... I eat heathy since my pregnancy but I just can't lose my baby weight...
So far im liking it but not everything is right for everyone. Give it a shot and if you aren't feeling it then try something else :) just make sure on your regular days you are still eating fairly healthy. Don't be eating burgers and nachos all day lol. Although nachos sound really good! I'm hungry right now lol.
I'm trying to lose my baby weight would you say that this diet is good... I am not breast feeding
You will like it. I've been up for umm 17 hrs and still feel energized! Lol. I would be doing another workout but my muscles hurt. Just make sure you drink lots of water...ps I can't wait to eat when I wake up! ;) lol
I will try it out I would like to feel amazing like your feeling lol

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