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Welcome Wagon / BE AWARE "Phillip Miller"

Phillip M claims to be 37 (possibly older) and is using this app to chat and give his phone # out to teens.
Everyone should be aware of this type of activity.
Phillip Miller http://www.skimble.com/people/alh1qcfvn1qc

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Ew. Creeper lol. Thanks for the warning
Such a pig ok he claims he gave his # to be friends? Umm ur a old bastard go friend people when u go play bingo! Leave the youngsters alone smh!
Looks like we need to be aware of everybody on here.... he's behind you hehe
My sisters on here u even talk rĂ´om her I'll make direction My mother puts u in hang cuffs
I just saw his pic, he's at least 55 years old!! Crazy!
What ever dude. I'm not missing any teens. Your the one want her number. U don't know who I am so piz stop making comments about me. Trying to have friend on here
He went back and deleted sm of his posts as well....
You may want to check the name again, I think it's been changed.

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