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Welcome Wagon / 1k ???

So I have 904 points right now. Im
hoping to get to 1k points by Thursday morning. Anyone else have a points goal? I'm super excited because this will make me work even harder! Keep up the great work everyone :) 💗

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If you do your best,you will have perfect results;)
You want to fast for 5 days?? You mean fasting where you eat 600 calories or fasting as nothing at all???
Fasting til Sunday? Oh I hope you're kidding. That's um 5 days from now lol. Jeremy don't do that lol
I want to start fasting until Sunday can you give me any advice how to start
I think it has to do with the intensity or length of the workouts.
This points system makes no sense. I have 1k from 61 workouts over however long. Yet Elizabeth has 80 something workouts and less points?!? Is there a way to see how many points you will get for a workout?
Arnt we a over acheiver lol great job my goal is as always just get my workouts in

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