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Welcome Wagon / Newbie

So glad I ran across this app , ready to get my stomach & glutes toned up . Can't wait to start the thankful thighs and natural booty pop workouts . Im excited..wonder if it'll tak a couple months to show results ..

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Yeah I guess I can kick your butt if you're letting it slide :)
Lol well then seems like some great motivation
Hey no probs. I might pop in on you from time to time just to make sure you're working out hard enough Lol.
Such kind words , thank you ill keep you updated as I progress :)
You'd be surprised the amount of people that would. You seem like a smart enough girl who knows what she wants tho :)
Lol well said .. I'm no cheater ..I'd only be cheating myself :)
If you work hard and don't cheat, it'll take about 4 to 6 weeks to see some sort of results. Hopefully that'll push you on to better things :)

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