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Welcome Wagon / Workout plan

Anybody got any work outplans i want to see'em please. Mine is just the simple arms monday, abb tuesday, legs thursday, arobic friday and saturday just some easy going excersize.

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I workout twice a day. Mon biceps and back, Tue full body cardio, wed traps and triceps, Thu full body cardio, Fri kettlebell workouts, sat full body cardio, this is for day time. Night one day core and oblique, next day yoga. Repeat for week. Sun day full rest and eat what ever I want, caz body needs to be pampered once a week :-)
VD What's your plan
Only bad thing about it is after a couple months you'll probably hit a plateau, that's what happened to me, but it'll work pretty quickly tho. Rotating around instead of focusing on every rep for one thing at a time builds me up quicker and gives me a better workout cuz I'm keeping all the muscle groups I work active the entire time
Then you are doing just fine, may be work on bicep one day them core then hit triceps and back the other and full cardio, next day traps and then legs and butt. Just mix and match
That's a cool one Ryan
I lost 20lbs in 2 months from doing that and eating low carb and multigrain diet. And it really boosted my, strength, speed, and stamina
Mon, wed, fri I do 125 pushups, 125 reps of core workouts in sets of 25, 75 curls, 50 jackhammer curls, 125 wrist curls (all curls are done with 25lbs), and burnouts on hand grip strengtheners. I do a rotation of each doing 25 at a time. Thrn after its all done I do elliptical for 15 mins with a pace of 4.2 miles with resistance at level 10 and a burnout the last 10 seconds. Tues and thurs I go bike ride a public trail. It's pretty hilly and wears me out and takes me about 80 mins to ride 15.5 miles round trip
A bit of both but without the heavy lifting.
Hey Ronnie, what is your target? Athletic or heavy muscle or?

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