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My day started off with a bowl of oatmeal, mixed with apples and bananas. Lunch was chick fil a, a grilled sandwich and lemondade! After i went for a 3 mile run, burned 420 calories! I feel so proud of myself! Im about to eat dinner soon, whats a good dinner to eat around this time? I have 400 caloroes left on my fitness pal so not anything to heavy!

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Thank you girl!! Same for you!!
Sounds great!!! Enjoy your meal!! And good luck w the workout!!! Keep going!! 
Hmm okay my grandma just cooked noodles with vegetables and chicken! Is that good?
Its good too! But i'm prefer the salmon, am not a tuna fan!! ;-}
Sounds good! What about tuna??
Some vegetables with mahi mahi!!!
Sorry, a lot of typos!

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