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Challenges / 10 Miles a Week-Walk/Run/or Hike Challenge

Today I did 2 miles walk/run on treadmill. Started on Monday. Now at 8.5 miles. Feels Great!

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10 finished for the week. I think I'm going to rain again tomorrow
2.5 more miles down. 1.5 left...
But I need to put some ice on my shins. Good Lawd they hurt!!!!
Ran 3 miles today and yesterday. Gotta make it through hump day!!!
I'm sweating for the wedding. Count me in! Love this idea!
I'm a elite hs runner and since ive been running I've gained weight (muscle mass) but try to increase a mile a week till yku get around 20mpw and then jump to speed itll give you better leg tone
You did awesome great job:)
I do 10km running daily....... and 2km fartlek. :)

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