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Welcome Wagon / WORKOUT BUDDY?

I plan to lose some weight and tone my stomach, but lack the motivation. I'm new to this thing and in need of a Workout buddy?! Idk

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can I add you on kik, too? :)
I am having the same problem I'm also trying to tone up my butt and legs I could help ya out :)
Got it! @tea_shirt_
I would like to partake in this with you.
Sweet. Add me when u have it - Dlh1993
Its an app? Workout buddy?? Ineed motivated too
I've got an iPhone, I'll let you know my username when it's set up! Sounds like a plan Óź†
Yeah if you have a iPhone or that, download it, good way to keep in contact and we can keep each other motivated thru it ?
Not yet, but I heard it's good? Might be getting it soon!
I'm up for it ? You got kik

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