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Challenges / 10 Miles a Week-Walk/Run/or Hike Challenge

i wish i can..but recently i've been focusing on running to help expand my lungs capacity..
u see, i used 2 have asthma & i got rid of it by running as long as i can when i was 13yr when i run its like the old times all over again..

any tips or advice on how can i run for miles?(i can run+walke about 2 miles now)

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I can't run, but I can walk fast I used to walk 20 to 30 km a day . I'm not sure how much that is in Miles, but I'm up for the challenge. I'd like to build my running stamina, because right now I have the running ability of a one legged sloth, but that's okay there's always room for improvement
Hey Melissa...thanks 4 the tips...i can run on the treadmill on 9.6/k for about 3-5min(sometimes more)..i do the inhale,hold & exhale method espacially b4 swimming & with yoga..
Almost forgot another way to help with your lungs that my high school choir teacher had us do was to inhale as much air as you can hold for 2 sec then take and extra breath in and hold for 3 sec and do that at least 3 times a day
I also had asthma when I was younger the best way to build it up is not to try for a distance but add time I started out barely being able to run for 10 min in September...had bronchitis and had to stop running for 3 weeks to now running over 3 miles per time and getting ready to add more time. I did 10 min 3xs a week then bumped it up 5 minutes a week it's retraining your body and lungs to do as much and don't do a flat out fast as you can run but a pace fast enough that you can't talk and run
hey Lisa!!of cours u can join..& i seems u made a great start already..good luck^_<
hey David,thats a great method u got... good luck 2 u 2 !!
Do yall mind me joining? I just started back walking tonight and walked 2 miles non-stop.
I fell off of running for a long time so the way I got back into it was slowly. I would do 3 sets of; 1 min jog and 6 min walk, do those 3 times a week, remember to walk for 5 min before and after the run also. The next week I did 2 min jog and 5 min walk, next week 3 min jog and 4 min walk and so on till I would run the entire time. Helped my lungs, ex smoker btw, gradually get used to it also. Good luck!
Is the challenge 10 miles a day?
its not that i cant run long distance..i can..but once i stop, its like being in air at i lay down..sleep it over
Thanx..ill try that
For running longer distances you have to find your comfortable speed, and have a breathing pattern. Like breath in in four steps and breadth out in four. Try it!!! :-) best of luck!!

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