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Challenges / 10 Miles a Week-Walk/Run/or Hike Challenge

I have asthma too! I think it is great you are starting up.  If you are consistent you will build it up. My tips include making sure you have your asthma meds, warm up, and try to avoid running outside when it is windy because of pollen. If you have access to a treadmill, use that.  Remember, you can always stop running and keep going with a brisk walk.

The 10 miles is just a goal. You are active and striving to be fit. That is awesome!!!

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That is great Caitlyn. Keep us posted on your miles!!!
I also did 10 miles this week! I started on Monday and worked down from there to get up to 10 miles!
Thanks Nimish for the info.
but i dont use asthma meds anymore..will i only used the inhaler if needed when i was young..& i have a treadmill in my house..awsome!!
thanks sierra..

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