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Challenges / 10 Miles a Week-Walk/Run/or Hike Challenge

I've been power walking/jogging for a little while but didnt knew how many miles I was doing, until yesterday that I decided to check and its about 3 miles.. so basically Im doing from 15 to 18 miles a week  😺

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Getting my treadmill tomorrow so ill be joining, LETS GET IT
I'm gonna start running again
Will running help you tone your body, or just helps in losing weight. I just want to tone my body and build some muscle any tips on what exercises to do?
I will take challenge. Starting in the morning with 1mile.
Im in too... today 3 miles
I'm doing a 10,5 km trail run tomorrow!
I'm game, I have a 5k coming up (1st time) so this us great timing
this sounds good. I would like to give it a try
I didnt do it today because I tougjht that it was gonna rain because it was very cloudy and dark.. and it didnt rain :'( ... this weather its pissing me off!
I did 2 miles on treadmill today.
Yes. Rest! You did so much! That is what is nice about spreading it out in 7 days.
Yayy.. today i may rest or just walk because my right knee its hurting i dont know why, maybe because I am pushing myself to hard :/
That is excellent!

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