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Cooking / What to eat for thicker thighs and bigger booty ?

Without eating junk and gaining belly rolls and love handles

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Jack L. some women that are fat still don't have the butt and thighs. And when fat girls lose lbs. they lose breast,butt,and thighs first.
Why do you want this? If you want it,buy it, silicone is very popular these days. JS
Get fat, there is no other way, a ass is fat big thighs is fat. Sorry to burst ur unrealistic bubble.
You cannot target a specific area to gain fat in, just as you can't lose fat in certain areas. But as others have said, you can bulk up those areas with exercise.
Remember that the butt is a muscle. It must rest. If you overwork it could get smaller. Squat lunge and other exercises should be done every other day.
A easy way to get bigger thighs and a bigger but is squat with weight lung with weight leg press straight bar squat and wall sit for a long period if time
Just you exercises that focus that specific area, and always do a little bit cardio because it always comes in handy. Plus you can switch 2 protein diet or just buy some protein shakes for the morning or after your workout. I think that should be enough as long as you're always consistent and don't cheat your workouts. Keep up the good work

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