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Motivation & Support / How do I tone up legs and butt?

Squats ( use a weight to work triceps at same time), alternating side lunges, donkey kicks & donkey side kicks, lay on ur side, raise top leg and makes forward circuls for 30s then reverse. Get a chair, stand with feet slightly apart and go to sit slightly above the chair, stand and keep repeating for 1 min, rest, repeat for a few sets.

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Well thats jus it. What works for one isnt necessary goin to for another. I luv the tricep move. Squats give me results quick, but i used to find it really tiring on thighs even though i had good muscle tone and hated doin them. But i av no problem dippin low now. :-)
Yea well. Squats without any real addes resistance dont do much for my legs. And this tricep exercise i always find it hard to hold good form. So woudnt really work for me. Maybe it does for others :-)
Iv see professional trainers use this move all the time and on workout dvds. I like to multitask workout wen possible. I wud only recommend with a lighter weight than tricep only exercise, especially for begginers. But i cud use heavier and u look like u cud too, but always safety 1st.
Hehehe creative but sounds like something everyone should skip. You can never hold good form on both specially with heavier weights.
To work ur triceps, hold a weight above ur head, as u dip into ur squat, lower the weight behind ur head while keepin ur elbows up and triceps in line with ur ear. ( Dnt know wat the official name of the arm move is. I think tricep dips.)
Lol how do you train your triceps while squatting?

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