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My habit is cross dressing. I have been trying a number of other stuff’, but boobpop serum really works fast. I just used one jar and I already have gained half a cup. Before using boobpop serum I was barely a 38A. Now my 38A bra is fully filled. I’m so estatic. So about a week ago, I ordered the 3 jar package. I’m expecting to get up to 38B when I finish with those 3 jar. So I would recommend boobpop serum to anyone who wants to have a pair of beautiful breasts.
Daily massage with ur palms...definitely thr size wil be increased.
Im a A cup too and i always wanted to have bigger breasts, but as i got older i realized tht having a smaller chest is jus me n i have to deal with it,,, lol i dnt even have to buy bras for real,,, but anyway luv urself n u will feel better n the long run cuz if u keep stressn over sum boobs u will only keep gettin more insecure about urself,, believe me i knw,,, hope i helped a lil :-)
I do exercises that target the chest muscles I normal use 3 to 5 pound weights just do give a little resistance. I never use to work my arms or chest but since I started I haves noticed that my boobs appear slightly bigger and are firmer. Try these lying dumbbell press Dumbbell flys Dumbbell pullovers if you don't have dumbbells use soup cans. The size of your boobs depends on how much fat you store in that area so you can't make your boobs bigger if you don't store a lot of fat there, but on the BRIGHT side you can make them look bigger firmer and more shapely than what they are by working your pectoral muscles.
In israel there is a snack that make boobs get biger, milk helps too
There is nothing you can do but buy them but anyway you are a beautiful woman be proud of who you are.
What i do . I eat it becom bigger and i a work . And its good lool
Thanks Josh... :)
Dont think bad about yourself. Size doesnt matter. What matters is having confidence within yourself.

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