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Welcome Wagon / What turns you guys on the most?

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That's my kind of outdoorsy fun
Haha it's still there and it's HUUUGE now!
I have been.nudist camp is used top be.lots of great places here
Yes it is, Will return one day. Don't know if uve ever been to Pagosa Springs but if u Havnt u should check it out. It's gorgeous and plenty of outdoorsy things to do....actually that's pretty much all there is to do. :) good stuff. Enjoy it for me please.
Lol.thats biggie...Colorado is great.
Haha then I have to follow everybody that asks or I'm a Big Ole B word!haha also saw ur from CO. Me too! Whole life up until a few months ago. Now I'm in dirthole ND.Haha Miss the mountains!!!
So don't be shy.follow me
This is the best I one yet.haha I'm sitting here thinking, " i know I gotta b what turns some of these guys on." Like ur likes man!

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