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Motivation & Support / 30 day squat challenge?

Lol umm has anyone tried 200 squats a day for 30 days? 5 sets of 20 regular squats and 5 sets of 20 outward squats. I saw the results of someone within a month on Instagram and it was unbelievable. So I want to experiment and see what happens. If 200 turns out to be to much then try 100-150. Let me know how much for that day you accomplished. Who wants to join? Tell me your results and how you're holding out. I have an iPhone so I can keep track and continue my exercise even when I'm not home.

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I started a few day ago but ill join in
Happy to join. I usually do bout 75 in a workout! 200a day should be fun! --_- ...... ^_^
I just recently started doing this from a workout app I downloaded. I love it!! Never thought I could do 200 sqaut in one setting.
What is an outward squat ?
I will begin this tomorrow, May 31. Sounds like a great challenge! Thx
The squat challenge i have is a lil diff..day one u start with 50 then up 5-10 per day with rests in between day 30 will have yu doing 250...
Yea when it comes to the baby pouch. You have to lose the extra fat then gain muscle so that doesn't happen again. Cardio helps lose extra fat on the body; at the same time workout your muscles with weights or planks and push-ups, sit-ups and anything else that ate for abs. So cardio and muscular exercises will help you get rid of your pouch and tone out your stomach. Squats are good for the lower back, thighs, and butt.
Does this help with the baby ouch in the front? That's my problem. I didn't take care of myself when I was pregnant and I had four kids. Now I'm just trying to get rid of it but its hard. Any suggestions?
Soooo doing this!
Hi! Im going to try it! Im just taking some workout two time an week! But im going to do it!!
Im only on day 8 and i have been noticing a diffrence im just doing regular squuats though im hoping it will help me tone my inner thighs thats my problem area i want the jiggle gone
Just do as many squats as you can a day for 30 days. Squats pretty much make your butt bigger, toned, firmer, and help the upper thighs. Do a set of squats a day. I 5 sets of 20 regular squats and 5 sets of 20 outward squats. Look online and it'll show what the outward squats look like in google image. Make sure your knees do not pass your toes. If your knees hurt it's because you're doing it wrong. Be very careful and watch yourself. Stick your butt out as much as possible with each squat. The only areas you should feel any soreness is the upper thighs and butt. If you feel that soreness you know you're doing it right. Good luck and let us know your progress!
I have been hearing about this all over instagram. Im really interested in this challenge and would love 2 join!! How exactly does it work i have heard many variations.
Have you seen improvements when you did the workout?
Interesting, I was doing the 200 squats a day programme, an should do 5 reps of 35 squats each. I'm 52 by the way
I saw your way on google search. I have a butt but it needs to get toned out. So that's why I wanted to try this challenge. If you decide you want to give yourself that same challenge or mine then you're welcome to join right in when you please. 
I tried something similar to this but it was Day 1: 50 squats Day 2: 55 squats So on and so forth and it went up to Day 30: 250 squats. My results were amazing! I already had a butt, but within one week it toned and lifted! My shorts were looking even better on me but sadly, I stopped halfway through to around day 15. I wish I didnt! This really does work if you stay committed! Good luck! (:

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