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Diet & Nutrition / Smoothies?

I drink a smoothie every morning 30mins before starting my morning yoga workout or runningĀ 

bananas, strawberries, and vanilla soy milk with one scoop of Alive vanilla pea protein powder YUMMY :) I use all types of fruits in my smoothies

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Yeah I know that junk food can be temping, all my food is vegan though so it's not many calories even the junk food because its organic but it's had sometimes to only eat the one serving amount per calories especially with chips or cookies lol that's why I stock my fridge with lots of fruits and veggies to snack on I also but I pint of vegan ice cream one bag of chips and a bag of cookies so that way I don't have too much temptation and the less junk food I have the more I'll save it and eat less because when I really have cravings I'll have them just a little trick I learned and what works for me when it comes to junk food
Ill have to try that powder.
I don't skip meals with it. And I don't drink it everyday. Like the days I eat breakfast I don't drink it. I def understand what your saying and I have used things to track what I eat but I have to get back into it. And I'm sure the times I ate like crazy was def an insane amount of calories. Because I'd eat a lot of junk. I'm back to healthier choices though.
I too have a fear of weight gain but you need to get enough protein and nutrients in your body skipping meals or living off slim fast is not good for you one meal replacement with slim fast is ok but no more than that. I eat 3 times a day and snack on carrots cucumbers fruits etc. and most days I still only eat about 500-800 calories because I workout at least 3-4 times a day 5 days a week. If you burn more calories then you eat you'll be find. Have you tried keeping a food/exercise log? You're probably not eating as many calories as you think... Try the ALIVE vanilla pea protein powder. You can miss it with any fruits veggies it'll give you the protein you need and helps aid weight lose I love it boosts my energy for the day and helps me slim down :)
I do yoga, core, butt, legs.. Whole body really and I run/jog/walk 3 times a week. I normally do my yoga early in the morning or at night before bed. Great way to open up your body for the day or to relax it before bed :)
Do you mainly do yoga a lot or other workouts as well? I need more protein because I don't eat a lot of meat but scares me if I don't work out enough I'd gain weight from it. I've been doing slim fast shakes because I get the protein without the scare of weight gain. Thanks for your ideas for smoothies.

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