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Motivation & Support / 30 day squat challenge?

Im on day 8 and already  seeing some results but i really wanna get rid of my jiggle on my inner thigh and it dosent seem to be going anywhere anyone got some tips or a good move to help me with that?

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So true Kimberley! Reaching one goal just leads to another :) The satisfaction of reaching those goals is amazing! Don't kno what it is about finishing a wrkout but I absolutely feel great knowing I've accomplished something :) Keep progressing! And Tabby, I may just have to get a jump rope..sounds fun! And yes, Jillian Michaels is great! She'll kick ur butt too..shes kicked my a time or two lol She has several wrkouts that I've done many times on YouTube..glad I could help ya :)
Now that you mention that,Kimberley I have noticed that. About going after other goals. :D It's great.
You should! I love jump roping. :) Forgot how much I liked it. lolz And thanks for mentioning Jillian Michaels thigh workouts!! I Love her! Didn't even think about it thou. lolz Checking her out now. :D (She's the background for my phone. ;D)
Thank you and yes heather you did great at explaining it and yes it does feel great it amazing how doing one thing to better yourself motivates me to go after all my goals
LOL! Thx Tabby...its easier to explain stuff when I can see the person I'm talking to but on here thats not possible lol :) Have fun with the jump rope, reminds me of my elementary school days lol...its great for the legs too! Might have to look into gettin one? :)
Wow!! That's awesome Kimberley! :) I bet it feels great to have accomplished so much! :) Keep up the great work!! You'll get to you goal! And Heather, I'm not good at explaining either. Haha Think you did fine. lolz I just got a jumprope and have added that to my workouts. :D
Way to go Kimberley! Great job with the weight loss...keep it up! Ur almost to ur goal! Just try different things...Jillian Michaels has some great workouts for legs..inner/outer thigh exercises and other things...just stay focused! U got this :)
I just started this new cardio dvd that i like just want to see the rest of this fat come off 80 lbs so far 20 more to go!!! And i will be at my target weight!!
Cardio is great for every part of ur body. It's best to burn the fat so u can tone ur muscles ..if that makes sense? I'm not good at explaining lol
Cardio is good for inner and outer thighs??
Also do lots of cardio like sheds fat! I want my inner & outer thighs toned so I've done alot of searching too lol
Thay's what I'm working got too. Only on day 5 though. I'm doing these squats and leg lifts and jazz kicks. If you check out my profile you can find a lower body workout. I don't remember what it's called right now. But it's good! And wall sits are great too. :)
Try doin plie or sumo squats they seem to target the inner/outer thighs and butt...make sure to squeeze tho or you'll just b using ur quads. There's other exercises that u can do to target the inner & outer thighs. U can Google it..good luck! :)

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