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Motivation & Support / 30 day squat challenge?

Everyone keep up the good work! Post your progress and let's keep this motivation going! My sister said she saw a difference in my back thighs. The cellulite is beginning to go away is what she said. Sooo that's good! That's what I was going for with this exercise. Keep it up and good luck everyone!

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Exactly what Heather said! We're glad you decided to join us in this challenge! 
We're glad ur here with us Krishna! We can all motivate each other :) Gettin stronger and healthier everyday !!!
And here i am with all you girls so motivated. Thanks to you all lovely ladies for the support..
For realz girl! I can't wait to c my results too...this along w/ all the other working out that I'm doin, I should definitely see some good result! Excited...also happy that I've not been in extreme pain b/c of all the stuff I'm doin. I think running everyday is helping that too? Keep up the good wrk! I have to say its vry encouraging to have friends to motivate each other :) Thanks everyone, stay strong!
Yea I'm glad and I'm a continue but I do need to add more squats in my repetitions because I'm not feeling the pain. I can't wait till the 30 days are up so I can see my results for real! Glad I got a good team of people to motivate. Let's continue! 
Great job Jude! Keep it up :) I hope ur sister is still sticking with it too? Working out is great...feel so much better when u finish a wrkout :) Stay strong ppl!
Wahoo! Way to go Jude! :) That's awesome. You're doing great!

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