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Diet & Nutrition / Smoothies?

I drink smoothies at least twice a day...my favorites are vanilla protein powder frozen banana, pomegranate seeds, frozen Pinapple, an orange and chia seeds.  Second is chocolate protein powder, frozen banana 1tbsp natural peanut butter and chia seed or flax seed...mmmmm

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Hi Cheryl..we use Biox or Vega.. Google them to see which will work best for you...I have never heard of Best Trust..will google it thanks!
Hi Holly can I ask which protein you drink? Have you heard of Best Trust? It's suppose to be very natural no artificial anything...I been doing NOW Whey protein but willing to try Best Trust to get more natural ingredients.
My husband lost 25 pounds..all he does is take the dog for a walk..lol. I've been working out for years and need to maintain and build muscle and to balance blood sugars...it's really hard to get the recommended daily amount of protein for me otherwise because I'm not a big meat or dairy eater and I can't have soy. I just feel better. The kind of protein powder is also very important..stay away from the cheap ones!
It's a great way to get your veggies and fruit! Protein scares me sometimes because I heard you can gain weight from it if you don't work out.
Protein is so important in building muscles mass( which burns fat) and we love them..I'm getting a little lazy in my old age and they are just so easy and fast...we do a lot of "green" smoothies too with Kale, spinach, unflavoured protein powder,strawberries...plus it's just easier to get your fruit and veggies!
Why two a day? They sound really good.

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