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Motivation & Support / 30 day squat challenge?

I want to tone up... I lost too much weight and that was not my intention. Where do I sign up?💪

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Wow doing 50 squats is hard, I would need major motivation for 500 squats a day lol
Ur welcome! That's the awesome thing about this app. We r all here to accomplish goals and they may not all b the same but we encourage each other because we all need motivation. Ur gonna do great, now get those thighs and buns to burning..LOL! :)
Thank you guys so much... you ladies are definitely helping me by commenting back. We all need motivation. ;-)
Good luck Priscilla!! You can do it! Keep posting ur progress...we r all here to motivate u :) Have fun!
Thanks for the advice starting today. And im definitely checking that out.
lolz Just start doing them and let us know your progress. :) You should check out the plank challenge if you haven't already too. It's great for your core and arms!

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