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Ive never done a protein powder before however one of the trainers at my gym suggested trying it. I went out and bought les whey protein vanilla. is this going to bulk me up? Bc i only want to lose body fat not build mass. But its funny bc the one that says lean and toned on the bottle has way more sugar in it and less vitamins. Suggestions welcome

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one yogurt a day is fine. if you're working at the gym, etc, that's easy to work off
im thinking about the probiotics for your tummy. there's supplements for that too. i usually prefer the natural source for what my body needs.
Ya I used to eat the plain Greek yogurt. but I took it out a month ago bc the trainers at my gym said limit dairy or cut it out completely. The whey powder is made from dairy I think but other than that I don't. Maybe just one yogurt a day is healthy?
that's a lot of protein. i would suggest sm yogurt in your diet, your stomach will appreciate it!
Oh nice. That's what I've been doing is taking half. Ive just heard these make u bigger and bloated and I only want to build muscle to lose fat not to bulk up so I'm weary of them but when I get home from the gym I need something quick sometimes I like having a shake with almond milk and after that ill eat a couple eggs or something else with lean protein.
good job reading the nutritional information on the label. sounds like you made a smart choice. i would say take half of what they recommend on the label and you should b good. it also makes you feel kind of full, so you might not eat as much. lots of cardio work, and you should reach your goals in no time. good luck

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