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Workouts and Programs / Favorite muscle group to work

Back for sure. Heavy deadlifting and bor are great.

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Yea thats a good way to think. Just the rep range you want to work in influences the weight you slap on the bar. So basicly you decide on forehand how many reps you are gonna do/try
Majority (but not 100%) of the time I pay more attention to speed of the rep and form of the motion than I care about the reps I kick out in a set
Thanks! And with lifting technique is key otherwise it wont feel good at all. There are several dl variations they all put different pressure on the legs and back. Do them and see what feels best for you
Btw... cool pic
That's pretty much my approach. Back was gettin pretty strong for awhile when I still worked in the oil field. I loved working in thr derrick pulling back 90ft stands of pipe all day lol.
Lighter deadlift with good reps will also work good for you. You can also see how higher weight work for you. With good form the pressure on the back isnt even that bad.
Wish I could deadlift heavy, but my back def will not allow it

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