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Welcome Wagon / Workout buddy

Dont care what gender, looking for soneone to work out with and motivate each other!:) kik?

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Okay! So let's see...what should we talk about first....oh yeah, do you have a naturally flat stomach and are just trying to tone it, or is it a bit more protruding? Mine is more's always been ever since I was little-despite having a slender figure everywhere else:/ Also, do you eat healthy or not?
Yay! Thankyou!
No problem, added you!!!!
No mine doesn't have it soo sorry! My name is jowie6 if you can find me?
Haha okay I will sww and yeah!
Haha that's okay lol I just figured out how! There should be an orange button on the bottom right of the screen. Click it, and at the top there will be a little white search bar and then type in the user u r trying to find. (I just updated mine, so idk if the non-updated version is the same) :) Look forward to getting a Vic secret tummy with you lol!
Okaay cheers probably going to sound a bit thick but how do you find people on snapchat sorry!
Ok! I checked my snapchat again and everything is lowercase no spaces so: maaggssmh :-)
I have found you on instagram vut not snapchat:)Xoxoxox
Yeah, I followed you on both I think:)
Okaay I can not find you so can you find me?
Yay! Instagram is magsmichele Snapchat is MaaggssMH I will follow you!:)
I also have instagram and snapchat! My instagram and snapchat name is josie waller. And yes definitely we seem to be striving for the same things!
No, but I have an instagram, snapchat or we could talk about it on the forum if we wanted. Sorry, no kik! But we should definitely still be workout buddies because you and I want the exact same thing and judging by your picture, you are already skinny like me, it's just the stomach that is the issue for us!
That sounds great aiming for the same things! Do you have kik?xoxoxox
I'm 15, Aiming to get a flat more toned stomach, and if abs come along so be it;)!
I am male 32. I am interested in Cardio exercises.

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