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Motivation & Support / Skimble-slap me confession!

I've spent too much time checking out people's photos & not enough time exercising of late. With the new 'recent photos' section on the skimble website it's too easy for a red-blooded male to waste time looking for the latest hottie on skimble (there are a lot of you out there by the way!), rather than working out. Besides this point, the former is not fair on my wife - because were the shoe on the other foot I wouldn't approve. So, I'm promising myself that I will stop perving and start pumping! You all have permission to skimble-slap me if you ever find me commenting or liking photos that you feel aren't exercise-orientated!

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Thanks Mima. There's definitely some intentional humour in there, but the point is serious!
LOL! I know u aint tryna be funny but u made me laugh. I respect u for choosing to respect your wife. bless your marriage.
Right on, David. Not sure how long you've been married, but I'm looking at 25 yrs next month and I think mutual respect shows your love for each other and emotional maturity/well being. Way to be. BTW - not sure where you came up with skimble-slap for uncalled for perving, but very funny!
:-/ It's not like that at all Alexander. Just mutual respect. I feel like a hypocrite if I do something that I know I wouldn't like her doing - and so I want to change. That's all.
David, I think your wife's logged on to your account! Ruuunnn!!!
This gave me a good laugh. :-)

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