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Motivation & Support / Eating right?

Sorry. Don't know what happened there. Anyway, my top ten list from research, training, and advice.
1. Water. Water. And more water. Try to drink half your body weight in oz. Don't waste your calories on drinks. 
2. Eat within the first hour of waking up.
3. Unless your carb cycling or in a cutting phase and serious cutting carbs, breakfast (ex: oatmeal, ezekiel bread) and 30 min before a workout (brown rice cake or banana) is best time to eat carbs. 
4. On the topic of carbs, while some veggies have more carbs and some fruits do too, when it comes to the breads, pastas, cereals, forget anything that is processed, is made of white flour, and has added sugar. Swap it for brown rice, sweet potato, whole grain, spelt, or sprouted breads. Your body NEEDS carbs, just the right ones and when you eat them is so important (see above).
5. No late night snacking. Stop eating 3 hours before bed.
6. Eat 5-6 full small meals a day spread out about every 3 hours. 
7. Fruit should be kept to your first two meals and chose fruits that multitask with nutrients. And veggies should color almost every plate. The really pretty vibrant ones. :-)
8. Protein. And while yes alot of things have protein added, stick to things that are meant to be protein sources (chicken, fish, turkey, eggs, beans)
9. Eat fat. Good fat. Fat is not bad. But eat the right fats. Healthy fats from avocado, nuts, virgin olive oil, fish (check the Internet for more info) are soooo good for you. Just learn your portion.
10. Finally, steer clear of "sugar free", "fat free"... That screams chemically loaded.

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Very very true Jason! Good point. :-)
Patrice thats a great list. Oly thing bianca might think about is on protein to also think of plant-based protein s like nuts, legumes (eg lentils) and beans. If mom is making homemade beans (yum!) Try to get her to cook them without lard or other animal fat. Thats not the good kind of fat.
You just made my day. I thought u were going to say noo its bad. Ha ha okay well thanks again for everything. Keep in touch as will i :)
Sushi isn't really fattening. I'd opt for it with brown rice if your doing rolls. But what can get you is the sodium. Watch the soy sauce (if you like it) and if you have to have it go for the lower sodium. Just monitor your portions. There's a grocery store by me that sells spicy shrimp rolls (brown rice) and I grab that as a quick lunch sometimes. The whole package is only 240 calories and I don't use any sauces other then wasabi.
Bahaha i will. Cause i think I'd want everything in the store. Hey is sushi really fattening
Aw your welcome. It's great to learn from each other. If you need anymore help feel free to ask. Oh and, uh, eat before you go grocery shopping. LOL
Your so awesome, thanks for the advice. Makes me feel better about how i can eat.
Either one is fine. I like to hard boil then when I have oatmeal. I eat one full egg and three more whites. And, yes, you can do it. Start out slow and make changes you can live with so you don't go into withdrawal and binge! Lol I LOVE pasta myself. And sometimes I'll chose that as my Saturday cheat meal. There's nothing wrong with the occasional treat. You don't want to run away a a birthday party because there's a cake staring you in the face. :-) eat a small piece, enjoy it and be done. Your eating to live and live healthy. Customize a plan for yourself by finding out your caloric and macro needs. There's calculators online that do it with your age, height, weight, activity and goals. You'll do great. :-)
Okay, this really helps out alot. Time to go grocery shopping :)
And on the eggs, boiled or scrambled
I hope that helps. And as a sample, I rotate my breakfast choices with: Oatmeal, egg and egg whites -or- sprouted grain pancakes and strawberries -or- egg and egg white omelet with spinach and broccoli and slice of Ezekiel bread.... Those are just some examples. :-)
I really like this thanks alot. And i love pastas, i think that is going to be the hardest for me, but i can do it xD

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