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Motivation & Support / Poll: Do you still workout even when you're sick?

Wondering how many of you continue to push through your workout even when you're sick. I have a bad sore throat, and wondering if I should rest and get better, or bust through my workout. I workout every single day, and I'd hate to miss some days, but I will if it's better for me to rest. Thanks!

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I think it's good to workout when your sick coz it makes you sweat... But one should not do the muscle building ones
*Marie-sorry :-)
Thanks Maria :-)
I do sometimes but agreed that its never a good idea
You're welcome! I forgot to say that I limit my cottage cheese to 3x a week (because of the sodium). Also no pork or meat high in fat. I eat ground sirloin 2x a week but never 2 days in a row. And drink lots of water!!
Ohhh thanks so much! I really need to better educate myself on a good diet plan.
Hi Jessica! I started a diet program through a local business. It's basically all clean eating. I eat egg whites, eggs (limited to 6 a week because of the cholesterol), chicken breast, 1% milkfat cottage cheese, fresh veggies & fruits, very low carb. All foods are fresh. Only seasoning I use is Mrs. Dash (no sodium). Absolutely no cheat days for me either. I take fish oil 3x a day. And portion control is a major thing as well. Hope that helps! Message me if you need more specifics :)
Not related to your question but I seen your pic...and omg how did you do it? I'm trying to hard to loose weight and can't keep motivated :(
Yes always listen to your body.
Rest,listen to ur body. I am not feeling well right now,but later i will do light walking &stretching. I usually do beast mode workouts..but today i cannot do it. Always listen to what ur body is saying:-)

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