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Motivation & Support / Work out partner please???

i have a horrible time ettig motivated and wanting to work out and eat right. Does anyone else have an motivation workout problem ? if so do you want to be my workout partner ??? Please let me know(:

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Alright I'll start working on it. :-)
I'm in on da work out
make a group and add me. cus idk how . im new on here.
Lets make a group
Yeah same here. Do we have to make a group? Or do I just post the workout and we all do it together?
Ok I'm mainly focusing on my stomach
yeah we can . someone just make a workout and let others know.
We should all work out together
Okay Karla make a work out . i am really tryin to tone my stomach and thighs. let me know when you make one(:
Yeah we can do that! I usually just pick out workouts to do but we can make one.
I need help too I would work out for a week then stop
Karla would you like to make a workout on here and we can do it together just tell me what days.
Everyone needs a little help. I have trouble keeping up with my workout schedule..... And late night snacking. Lol

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