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lol Aaron im happy to see you got your priorities right ..wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas 
LOL. Please, do take care of wine especially :) It's my favourite drink.
I ll be coming from Tasmania soon hehe.. Hope it's warmer in Kiwiland.. Although today is not too bad.. It's just when those arctic winds hit the coast Brrrrrr.. And weather changes every 5 minutes or so. Had a blizzard on top of Mt Wellington yesterday..
hi Michelle & Leonora, not much prep for Xmas yet, too busy making sure no one runs out of wine!!
Heidi: Nau mai o aotearoa. tena koe. looking forward to some epic pics where ever you are adventuring. down south to start?
Hey Aaron! I will be in your neighborhood this week!!!!    
Hey Aaron, getting ready for Christmas food attack  I know I should practice running away

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