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It's great seeing you back Hadi! You're doing fantastic btw
Yeah absolutely! I need to stop being angry with myself when things are slow. Its the attempt that matters, right?
Nish..I'll let you know! I'm planning on every other day not just a day rest in between. I'll let my body dictate when it thinks it is strong enough to try again. In the meantime, I'll use those 'rest' days to do more work and stretches on my upper body and wrists. Last thing I want is an injury. So I'll take my time and will stop rushing the process. 
Thank you for the lovely support Amy, Roy (great to see you here againnnn!!!) and Heidi!!! You all rock
Oh, tell me if a day's break helps Hadi. I'm trying to improve my planking, and presently, doing it daily.
Whoa!!!! Getting there!!!
Good plan and great job

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