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Awwwww thank you Hadi, you as well️
Wish a beautiful return to you too my friend! I tried jumping in from where I had left off too. I know how frustrating and discouraging it can be to see how much of a decline time has done to all the hard work. I decided to see this differently though. When I first started this journey I had no idea of what I could achieve and how fantastic and addictive it could be. I still don't know so much about my body, but unlike before I have a drive after seeing the results and know with time I can get it all back...I can be even better. I just need to build slowly to be in this process on a permanent basis.  @Dee....Thanks for the support darling friend. You are amazing!
Well I think your doing wonderful and it's good to have you back️
I've been facing the same problem off late, unable to do them completely. Being a complete novice athlete, it took just a month or so of distracted workouts to completely breakdown the stamina I had built over almost a year! I was so angry with myself. But trying to lift too much, too fast (literally and figuratively) is never a good idea eh? So, listening to my body, just as you said. I wish you a beautiful return to form, better than before!
Great advice as always dear H. This time round I'm trying the walking before I run thing... I'll just do what I can. Every little helps. 
some days are low of energy H. You will be back, just don't force it and don't overdo it
Could be bettet...but could be worse too.  Thanks darling Lisa
great job Hadi

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