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Miss you, Hadi! Mihaela, if you are reading this. I got your message but could not respond because I un-followed while ago, thinking you left the app , your account is on private, so can't respond to message. Thanks for the well wishes. Miss you on here! ️
You're missed You're not drowned in a Nutella pool aren't ya?!
It's been a while now, hope you're doing well Hadi 
Heyy Hadi! Where are you love?
Hey Heidi....will pm you! Not dissapeared again! Don't worry. X @Anita...going great. As Nish said she's really good. I love that she explains the poses as in the past I always wondered whether I was doing them right or not. She also gives alternatives if you are just starting like me and as flexible as concrete. You know already though...having already completed the camp! I always feel energized after a session too!!
Haaaaadi???? where are youuuuu????
Heyy Hadi! Yep, Anita's question. My sister is absolutely loving "Revolution". It seems to be great balance of hard days and then relaxed ones.
how are you finding the yoga camp challenge so far? 

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