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I love this challenge too! So spontaneous ☺ And Doha, well... I always enjoy going, although is desert ☺ That's for sure! Half of my life I have spent in the air ✈ Still love it though 😄
i loved this challenge btw....and memories of Qatar ...girl ,between you ,Chouchou and myself,we ve done some serious airmiles the last few years!!!
yeah because we try to keep our team challenges under 15 min ..but hey...challenge is over though can extend now 🤣🤣🤣🐱🐱🐱..btw..i am facing the same prob with my back challenges this month,soooo hard to create a back sesh under 15 so i call them finishers ....
Ok, will include some short transitions at least to catch breath ☺ Thank you guys!
I liked this one a lot during the challenge. I need to do it again 👍
lol yes i think you need some or at least a transition to get you in position for the next workout. Well done btw 😁.
great job patricie , it looks tough 👍

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