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yes now I remember you were there in the "haydays"..yeah and its still changing
Hey Foxy, i visited Bagan and Shwe Dagon in 98 with my parents! This time it's only field for work in central and Northern Rakhine (and yes, under crazy monsoon rain) but maybe in Sunday i might manage to wander a bit in Yangon before heading out ☺️☺️ crazy how things have changed since 98!
oh and you cannot miss Shwegadon Pagoda in ....must see when in Yangoon's monsoon season ...carful
i hope you get to see Bagan, safe travels!
Thanks friends, just arrived in Myanmar for a week in the field, hopefully Myanmar will be kinder to me than Bangladesh
Get well, gorgeous! Sending healing vibes to Dhaka! 💞
Hope you feel better asap Shew🖐

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