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Hello Maldito! Like Maria, using the application I analyze the data of sleep, steps, the usefulness of food, pulse, pressure, weight ... On Monday comes a summary of data for the previous 7 days. I did not immediately find this data, the application was updated, so I asked you 😊
Maldito I use Samsung Health to keep record of my sleep hours and my water consumption as well as my walking's interesting 🤔😊
awesome work day so far.. 1hr left
Hi Kathleen, thank you so much, I am enjoying this glorious beautiful day. took it slow today, was planning on going out to ride later after my food settles😎 hope that your day is going well Kathleen
Hi Tanya, before SKIMBLE I was using the SAMSUNG HEALTH APP and I used to log all of my workouts there. then I slowly migrated over to SKIMBLE and I have stopped using SAMSUNG HEALTH completely. I still receive weekly sunmary notifications from SAMSUNG HEALTH APP but I pay no attention to them now. is that what you were asking Tanya?
Hello Maldito! enjoy your day 😎
Maldito, hello! As far as I know, do you use the Samsung Heallh app? Usually, on Monday, comes a weekly summary of the data. For some reason, yesterday I did not receive this data 🤔. Are you ok in this matter? Super Workout 💚👍🌞

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