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He must be in the Air Force. Take care and have a good weekend!
I bet it's nice there. Never been to Cali. Been to Texas once when my bro graduated boot camp. ( San Antonio)
San Diego... from El Paso, TX
Yeah. Working on a motorcycle seat. We are you from? I was born and raised in western Kentucky. Moved down here 3 years ago.
Oh ok, S. of Memphis. I only got as close as Missouri before. Up late no?
Mississippi. Abt 15 minutes south of Memphis, tn
Yes! but we are working all weekend. Painting a trike, redoing a headliners, and doing a motorcycle seat. I'm just happy it's back up in the 70's
Nice... good, weekend's finally here huh?
How ya been?! I had to work off dinner! Lol
Don't forget to write! :)

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