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Iphigenia thanks :) yeah I've been doing it for little while. Once the kids both start school I plan on going for sports medicine but that won't be for a while. Amalia thanks hun!! Haha yeah you'd be surprised who played pro ball. A know a trainer who played at Florida with Tbow and Percy Harvin, I actually know Percy from the gym(met him by stealing a smith machine from him, had no idea who he was lol) and a seatlle seahawk use to workout at my old gym when he was here. Pretty awesome!! Atleast you have a great athletic trainer :) how have you been?!
Great job E! I used to consider PT also. Why did my personal trainer tell me he played football in NFL...yup I googled him. He sure did. Hope you are well.
I'm here if u need any advice..... I didn't know u were doing this.
I'd just focus on the bored housewife market ; ))
Haha nice. Yeah that's NOT how I want to be. I'm gonna make them cry in pain and then cry because they finally have the body they want.
You'll be awesome at it !! Just show your photos !!!!!!
Yeah it's similar... I watch the PT's at my gym and all they do is move the people from one machine to anther talking total crap.... Sounds like a job MADE for me !!! Lol
Lol. Well I'm realistic, I know ill be starting off with regular clients and then workup up to where I want. I'll need practice so it all works out.
You should!!! I don't know how it is there but here you can study and take a test one weekend or go to school for it. I'm enrolled in school just bc it will look better for me on a resume and its easy to transfer credits so I can further my physical education.
All the daft letters after my name are for dull stuff.. I'd like to have a few sporty ones : ))
My absolute last day will be November 12 !!! Then I'll be doing sports specidied so I can focus with athlete's
Sweet.. I'm seriously considering getting some qualifications as well : )
I extended for another 6 months bc I added a nutrition class in with it. Plus gives me more time to make sure I know everything. :)
2,457 steps backwards, side ways and double step. Skipped ankle weights today.
Hi Elizabeth.. Haven't you nearly finished getting your qualifications ?

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