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Wouldn't hurt to go see one. The key thing would be to learn the posing routine.
Yeah I cant say I havent considered it, but I dont think im ready yet. A kid can dream though hahah.
Hey bro at your age and your body ( not gay) you have a world of possibilities for you. You are in outstanding shape and should consider doing a natural teen bodybuilder comp. so maybe you can get some endorsements locally.
Yeah im just using this to keep track off all my workouts I dont care much for points.
It does, no consideration for weights used or nothing. Time lengths rack it up. Anyways screw it lets hit it.
Yeah I think the point system goes by time of the workout not intensity.
Alright just checking. I can tell by your pics that you are in shape. I was just wondering about the times. Believe me I know all to well about the points system on here is not fair in a lot of cases. I spent a lot of time in gyms various ones but never for that length weight tho. I work out at home and basically try to learn new stuff and always fall back or stay with basic fundamentals. Alright take care you are doing great mate
Pretty much mate, I usually give myself about 3 plus hours to train
Bro I just got to ask? Are you in the gym doing those workouts for the entire time you have here?

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