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Ron Dorr

Certified Senior Adult Trainer. Gain balance, flexibility, strength, endurance, confidence & independence. Reduce pain, weight, fatigue.

Senior Fitness, Arthritis, Balance

George Mcmillan

Geofit 360

Strength Training, HIIT/Interval, Strengthen & Tone

Lara Hall

I am 48 years old, a mother of three and I like helping other busy moms find simple habits to stay healthy.

Bodyweight, Stay Fit Lifestyle, Weight Loss

Dawn F. 🔥

I am the owner and head personal trainer at U Fit, LLC studio.

HIIT/Interval, Strength Training, Weight Loss

Craig Mason

The perfect trainer.

Senior Fitness, Injury Rehab, Athletic Performance

Leia Nicole

I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach specializing in women's fitness. I can help you sculpt the body of your dreams!

Women-focused, Strengthen & Tone, Core Conditioning

Connie Kowal


Bootcamp, Vinyasa, Kickboxing

Anthony Frantan

ACE Certified Personal Trainer.

HIIT/Interval, Athletic Performance, Olympic Lifting

Kerem Sertbel

ACE Certified Personal Trainer based in Istanbul, Turkey

Bodyweight, Meditation & Breathing, HIIT/Interval

Joseph Zucchi

Fitness and Nutritional Advisor offering online personal training programs to help you transform your body and achieve your fitness goals.

Weight Loss, Bodybuilding, Strength Training

Raney Rock

Whatever your goal is, whether it be bulking up or slimming down (or both), you will achieve it with me by your side!

Weight Loss, Strength Training, Bodybuilding

Mike Vaughn

I have been a certified personal trainer through ACE since November of 2017. I graduated with a degree in health promotion and marketing.

Bodyweight, Healthy Dieting, Strengthen & Tone

Tyler Neuwirth

You have to RUN as fast as you can towards your goals! Be a STEP above the rest! Please let me share my life passion with you! : )

Aerobics, Endurance Performance, Weight Loss

Marc Dagostino

I’m an energetic and fun but strict trainer. Specializing in strength and conditioning, hiit, martial arts, injury recovery and prevention.

Strengthen & Tone, HIIT/Interval, Sports

Khawaja Omer Farooq Kashmiri

ACE-Certified Professional N869101 BSc, Sports Sciences Member, ACSM, USA Group Exercise Leader, Lesmills, NZ

Stay Fit Lifestyle, Bodyweight, Figure Athletics

Richard Moujaes

I'm a passionate trainer striving to be the best. I'm constantly investing in myself so my client's can have the best experience possible.

Pre & Postnatal, Strengthen & Tone, HIIT/Interval

Cory Lesher

I am a Physician Assistant in medicine for last 18 years and now want to help clients prevent disease and illness with exercise

Strengthen & Tone, Core Conditioning, Strength Training

Jenni Vargas

Now that I’ve been training for over 8 years, I am more appreciative than ever of the clients that have entrusted me with their health!

Stay Fit Lifestyle, Suspension, Physical Therapy

Jeremiah Navarro

I am a life long athlete who strives to make a difference in people lives to make them the healthiest version of them selfs.

Strengthen & Tone, Athletic Performance, Senior Fitness

Oshay Walker

I am a firm believer in flexibility and focus.

Physical Therapy, Healthy Dieting, Vinyasa

Siphiwe Baleka

My passion is helping people achieve Optimal Health!

Weight Loss, Bodyweight, HIIT/Interval

Tenisha Martin

Transformation & Plant-based Bikini Competition Prep (IIfym & Intuitive Nutrition & Exercise)

Healthy Dieting, HIIT/Interval, Bodybuilding

Trainer Functional

HIIT/Interval, Youth Fitness, Bodyweight

Katie Croom

My name is Katie, I am a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise (A.C.E).

HIIT/Interval, Strength Training, Weight Loss