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Sylvie Patrick

I teach accredited courses for health professionals. I specialize in whole body vibration, myofascial releases, and functional training

Balance, Strengthen & Tone, Senior Fitness

Alex Costanzo

Hello, I'm Alex. I'm a friendly and sociable guy. When I train I put a focus on health and the needs of the body.

Athletic Performance, Strength Training, Bodyweight

Micah Greer

I want to motivate, encourage, and educate everyone to help them achieve their optimum level of quality of life.

Strength Training, Athletic Performance, Core Conditioning

Lynn Ludwig

Forget random workouts. If you have a goal in mind, have a program created for that goal, based on you only. Message me for more info.

Strengthen & Tone, Weight Loss, Injury Rehab

Sherie Dedore

I am certified by the American Council on Exercise as a personal trainer.

Bodybuilding, Injury Rehab, Pre & Postnatal

Cody Brotherton

I am a 5 time NCAA D III National Shot Put champion. This journey led me to two main training focused, sports performance and weight loss.

Weight Loss, Athletic Performance, Olympic Lifting

Katelyn Masek

I am a University of Illinois at Chicago Bachelor of Kinesiology Alumni that specializes in programming for athletes of all ages and levels.

Athletic Performance, Strength Training, Strengthen & Tone

Kyle Jordan

ACE certified personal trainer.

Strengthen & Tone, Strength Training, Bodyweight

Jon Smith

Ace. Certified personal trainer Athletic Training Student

Injury Rehab, Strength Training, Athletic Performance

Edita Margosian

I've been a nationally certified personal trainer since 2006. I have 3 personal training certificates.

Weight Loss, Women-focused, Injury Rehab

Diane Plotts

HIIT/Interval, Women-focused, Bootcamp

James Peters

Overall goal is to motivate, educate and encourage others on the road and on the go! Got 4 minutes....let's workout!

Phillip Hoskins

Youth Fitness & Performance Run Stronger, faster, and train to help prevent injury!

Youth Fitness, Athletic Performance, Endurance Performance

Mark Tillison

Believe & Achieve Personal Training is committed to providing the highest and overall physical fitness and to keeping up with the latest dev

Bootcamp, Athletic Performance, Strength Training

Laura Zaletel

I love helping a participant achieve their fitness goals!

HIIT/Interval, Strengthen & Tone, Kickboxing

Lorraine Hudson

Anyone can get fit with the right tools!

Strengthen & Tone, Yoga, Strength Training

Nakia Smith

Hi I'm Nakia, Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist, and NPC Bikini Athlete.

Bodybuilding, Weight Loss, Food & Recipes

Enrique Rosario

My creative workouts combine strength training, cardio and abdominal work for a complete fitness program.

Strengthen & Tone, Weight Loss, HIIT/Interval

Tim Cameron

Personal Training - Group Fitness - Online Coaching SMART goals - Body Composition Analysis ️ 0435 955 482 ️ geelongfit@gmail.com

Strengthen & Tone, Weight Loss, Athletic Performance

Alisa Wade

ACE Certified Personal Trainer. I teach a fitness class and yoga class at my local city hall.

Yoga, Weight Loss, HIIT/Interval

Elisha Sealy

Fitness Personal Trainer, enthusiastic, hard working, and will get you where you need to be as long as you are willing to work for it!

Bodyweight, Strength Training, Healthy Dieting

Henry Andrastek

Trainer specializing in bodyweight workouts and stretches. Perfect for those looking to stay fit without the hassle of a gym membership

Bodyweight, Strength Training, Stay Fit Lifestyle

Ashley Duncan

Piyo, turbokick, P90X

HIIT/Interval, Strength Training, Kickboxing