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Cristin Miles

24 Hour Fitness professional. Let's use PREVENTION as our medicine

Strengthen & Tone, Triathlons, Balance

Jahrod Matlock

I specialize in HIIT, suspension and functional training.

Suspension, Athletic Performance, Sports Nutrition

Mary Talieh

Certified fitness trainer

Strengthen & Tone, Stay Fit Lifestyle, Weight Loss

John Leary Iii

Aloha from Get Fit With John Leary III! Please read on for all the information about myself and my personal training business!

Strength Training, Senior Fitness, Sports Nutrition

Tyler Taylor

Let me take you on a "fit.perience", the great fitness experience designed specifically for you!

Stay Fit Lifestyle, Strength Training, Healthy Dieting

Ebony Pearson

I am an ex college athlete who has a passion for helping people live healthier lives.

Diabetes, Arthritis, Strengthen & Tone

Tiffany Watkins

I'm a fitness and people enthusiast with a passion for helping people reach their goals.

Weight Loss, Strengthen & Tone, Suspension

Marta Sfreddo

Italian and passionate for sports, body weight exercises, strenght training and bootcamp. Nutrition is part of it, of course!

Strength Training, Bootcamp, Weight Loss

Melissa Moran

Certified Personal Trainer, Weight Loss and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. Work out with me LIVE, online from home.

HIIT/Interval, Strength Training, Weight Loss

Jay Barnes

My goal as a trainer is to be unrelenting in order for the client to accomplish their goals...

Strengthen & Tone, Bodybuilding, Weight Loss

Michele Shields

As a trainer, I not only want to help others achieve their goals, but to help them build the confidence to continue on their own.

Strength Training, HIIT/Interval, Balance

Beth Shriver

I enjoy strength training and running.

Women-focused, Pre & Postnatal, Strength Training

Elizabeth Romsloe

Historically unathletic girl who fell in love with the gym.

Suspension, Strengthen & Tone, Strength Training

Leon Beeloo

I focus on helping busy professionals with efficient solutions to improve their fitness, capabilities, core strength and durability.

Bootcamp, Core Conditioning, Bodyweight

Katrina French Ploszay

I'm origonally an elementary school teacher. But had to take time off (medical)so i went back to school and became nasm certified trainer

Stay Fit Lifestyle, Suspension, Plyometrics

Mary Ryan Mayeda

Awesome Fitness 💪‍♀️

Weight Loss, Strength Training, Healthy Dieting

Greg Lutcavage

Greg Lutcavage is a charismatic, innovative personal trainer, blending optimal fitness dynamics into everyday lifestyle.

Strengthen & Tone, Core Conditioning, Healthy Dieting

Errol Nelson

Hi Everyone. I'm a nurse and a certified personal trainer. For as long as I can remember fitness has always been a passion for me.

HIIT/Interval, Weight Loss, Strength Training

Ryan Harrison

Marine Corps Veteran, Nationally Qualified NPC Bodybuilder, Prep/Diet coach and Personal Trainer

Bodybuilding, Weight Loss, Strength Training

Jai Orr

Strengthen & Tone, Suspension, Bodyweight

Jessie Whitley

I am a wife to one and a mom of 4! I love to spend my days helping others achieve a healthy and active lifestyle!

Strength Training, HIIT/Interval, Suspension

Patrick Allen

Fitness is not just about aesthetics, but a lifestyle that enhances functional movements to better execute daily tasks.

Strength Training, Balance, Weight Loss

Cari Cortez

Currently: Personal Trainer, marathon runner, strength training, Intuitive eating

Strength Training, Weight Loss, Endurance Performance