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With the bench in a decline position. Perform a chest press.

More Exercises by this Member

Workouts by this Member

  • Abs *JM
    Abs *JM
    10 mins 30 secs, Intense
  • During TV Commercials *JM
    During TV Commercials *JM
    4 minutes, Casual
  • 45 Minutes Run *JM
    45 Minutes Run *JM
    45 minutes, Moderate
  • Pre/Post workout Stretch *JM
    Pre/Post workout Stretch *JM
    7 mins 40 secs, Casual
  • 20 Min Run *JM
    20 Min Run *JM
    25 minutes, Moderate
  • Chest, Triceps, Shoulders *JM
    Chest, Triceps, Shoulders *JM
    21 mins 40 secs, Intense
  • Back, Bíceps And Abs *JM
    Back, Bíceps And Abs *JM
    22 mins 30 secs, Intense
  • Legs And Cardio *JM
    Legs And Cardio *JM
    23 minutes, Moderate
  • Incline Walk (Recovery Day) *JM
    Incline Walk (Recovery Day) *JM
    20 minutes, Casual