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Lunge and as you stand up swing your right foot forward and touch your toe with your left hand

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Workouts by this Member

  • Sprints 20
    Sprints 20
    9 minutes, Intense
  • Warm Up
    Warm Up
    5 minutes, Casual
  • Planks 2
    Planks 2
    4 minutes, Moderate
  • 50 Second Timer
    50 Second Timer
    18 minutes, Intense
  • Don't Stop, Won't Stop
    Don't Stop, Won't Stop
    24 minutes, Intense
  • Girls Who Lift
    Girls Who Lift
    20 minutes, Intense
  • Beat It, Just Beat It
    Beat It, Just Beat It
    21 minutes, Moderate
  • One Hit Wonder
    One Hit Wonder
    30 minutes, Intense
  • Double The Trouble
    Double The Trouble
    30 minutes, Intense