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Balance on right leg with toes of left foot lightly touching the floor and arms at sides. Bend and sit back as if lowering into a chair. Let arms swing​ forward to chest height. Keep right knee behind toes. Press into right foot and stand back up

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  • Lean Machines
    Lean Machines
    40 minutes, Moderate
  • Touch Your Toes
    Touch Your Toes
    27 minutes, Moderate
  • Abundio Day 1
    Abundio Day 1
    1 hr 18 mins, Intense
  • Abundio Day 2
    Abundio Day 2
    1 hr 9 mins, Intense
  • Abundio Day 3
    Abundio Day 3
    1 hr 21 mins, Intense
  • Abundio Day 4
    Abundio Day 4
    50 minutes, Intense
  • Ken Stone Workout
    Ken Stone Workout
    1 hr 4 mins 30 secs, Intense
  • Core Workout
    Core Workout
    11 minutes,
  • How To Do A Pull-up
    How To Do A Pull-up
    4 mins 30 secs, Moderate